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Greetings from “Der Mohr”

Born in 1957, I started my training as a stuntman with Sascha Borysenko in Ingolstadt in September 1980.

During my two-year training with Sascha Borysenko, I met my life long working partner Mac Steinmeier and in 1982, we formed our partnership Stunt team “Steinmeier/Mohr”.

In 1984, we were offered the chance to train at the premises of the “Bavaria” in Munich.  We organised our training exercises so that the visitors to the Bavaria film tour were able to watch us as we practised.

In due course, “Bavaria” rewarded us with the offer of a daily stunt show and consequently we were able to train young talent and to perfect our stunts show.

In 1992, “Bavaria” opened the Bavaria Film Park in Bottrop-Kirchellen and I was offered the position of stunt director and the chance to present a daily stunt show to the public.  After five years of working in Munich and having built a reputation for our selves in the Bayern Film Capital, it was time to spread our wings and look to new pastures.

In 1992, my family and I moved to the “Metropolitan city” of Schermbeck in the district of Wesel in NRW to make myself known in the world of film and TV production in this area.

During the last 15 years, the company “Steinmeier/Mohr” has under my direction, made a lasting impression in North-Rhine/Westphalia.

The company “Steinmeier/Mohr” founded in 1982 has now been renamed as:

Michael Mohr Stuntteam

On the next pages, I would like to present to you my team and a few of our film, TV and theatre production projects.

Michael Mohr

This change of name has been made simply to avoid mistakes.

My internationally experienced stunt men and women, stunt coordinators, and choreographers guarantee imaginative creativity, perfect timing and harmonious cooperation with your team.



Michael Mohr Stuntteam

Michael Mohr
An der Voßkuhle 10
D – 46514 Schermbeck

Phone: +49 28 53 – 95 40 31
Mobile: +49 171 – 52 33 15 0
eMail: stunt.mohr@t-online.de

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Waterloostraße 3
50733 Köln

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